Tyler Miles
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Status: Alive
Born: September 17, 1985
Bronx, United States
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Occupation: Agent
Affiliation: New York Police Department
Title: Sergeant
Voice actor: David Gasman
NYPD detective Tyler is troubled by his relationship problems and long working hours. He’s more than ready to wrap up this case immediately. That is until Carla takes things one step further. This murder isn’t going to be solved easily.

– Official manual description

Sergeant Tyler Miles is one of three protagonists in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, and a police officer of NYPD. He works as a detective following the Doc's Diner murder case alongside his partner, Carla Valenti, as they chase down the killer, Lucas Kane.

Character InformationEdit

Tyler grew up in a rough life and later chose to make a difference as a police officer. He met his fiance Samantha Malone and the two moved in together. They love each other but have disputes concerning his dangerous job. Tyler has a rather laid-back and carefree way of life.

Tyler is also close with Carla and considers her the boss in their working relationship, and although she can be difficult, he still respects her. It's suggested that Tyler is highly influenced by what Carla tells him based on what Jeffrey said about the two. They also share a workspace where Carla dislikes the basketball Tyler keeps in the office and has failed to make him rid of it.

Unlike Carla, Tyler is not involved in finding out more about the Alan Kirsten case and unaware of the connections it has with their current case. He does help Carla locate the Kirsten file if she fails to overcome her claustrophobia of the Police Station basement.

At the end, when the temperature continues dropping and causes a city wide emergency, Carla and Tyler drops the two cases to focus on relief efforts. Tyler eventually reveals he knows Carla has met with Lucas but trusts whatever decision she makes. Sam will visit the station and offer an ultimatum, for Tyler to stay in New York or to go with her to Florida. The choice is up to the player. Either choice will result in this being the last appearance of Tyler.


  • It is shown, in his house, that he collects a bunch of old records, which he even has a old record player. He states that he wouldn't sell the records for anything in the world.
  • Tyler has three brothers and two sisters.
  • In the new release of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, one of Tyler's records is Beyond: Two Souls, another game created by Quantic Dream.
  • The voice actor for Tyler, David Gasman, also voices Lucas Kane.
    • Gasman also does an additional number of minor roles in the game.


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