Tiffany Harper
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Nurse
Affiliation: Saint John's hospital
Relationships: Lucas Kane
(Ex Boyfriend)
Voice actor: Barbara Scaff

Tiffany Harper is a character of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, and ex-girlfriend of Lucas Kane.

Before the start of the story, the couple had broken up and Tiffany had moved out to a new apartment. It is suggested by some of her comments that she broke up with Lucas due to his intimacy issues. He still has feelings for her and it is possible to rekindle their relationship in the course of the game.

Tiffany is later kidnapped and held hostage by the Oracle of the Orange Clan, tied to a post at the top of a roller coaster at The Fun Fair. Lucas comes to the rescue and frees her bound hands, but before they could escape, the Oracle causes the wooden floor beneath them to collapse and causes the two to fall to their death. Tiffany's last scene is of her image on the tombstone in the cemetery.

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  • In the photograph of Lucas and Tiffany, the model for Lucas is of his beta version.
  • Tiffany Harper and Carla Valenti are both voiced by Barbara Scaff.
    • Scaff is also the voice of Madison Paige in Heavy Rain, another Quantic Dream game.
    • She also voiced in Beyond: Two Souls as Norah and Shimasani.



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