I've got to get out of the diner at all costs. There's a policeman at the counter. I'd better be careful not to leave any clues behind me.

– PDA Character Log

The Murder is the first chapter in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.



Mental Health actionsEdit


  • +5: Stick the body in the center stall
  • +5: Mop up the blood spot where the body was
  • +5: Wash the blood off of your face with the right sink
  • +5: Examine the machine near the bathroom door, examine it a second time to smack it three times, then examine it a third time to find a coin
  • +5: Find the knife near the urinals and hide it
  • +5: Eat part of your meal
  • +5: Take a drink from the glass at your table
  • +5: Play the jukebox
  • +5: Pay for your meal before attempting to leave the diner
  • +10: Escape the disctrict in a cab or the subway


  • -5: Look out the window in the bathroom
  • -5: Talk to the guy next to the bathroom door
  • -5: Try to call Markus Kane on the pay phone near the bathroom door
  • -5: Walk behind the bar
  • -5: Sit down at the stool closest to the register, then talk to the waitress
  • -10: Talk to the cop
  • -10: Take too long in the restaurant and the cop goes into the bathroom
  • -10: Try to leave without paying your bill
  • -20: Leave the bathroom without cleaning the blood off of yourself

Game OverEdit

  • Leave the bathroom without washing the blood off of yourself, then fail to get out the back door before the cop comes back there.
  • If you haven't left the diner before the cop finds the corpse.
  • If you take too long to leave town, the cops arrest you.


  • If Lucas leaves the public washroom without cleaning up the blood on himself, he will scare the waitress who will later state she will never forget Lucas' face.


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