The Invisibles are a group of homeless people in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, who are knowledgeable about the Orange and Purple Clans and about the Indigo Child and whose leader is Bogart. They are the ones that convinces Carla Valenti and Markus Kane of Lucas Kane's innocence, and explains the whole situation to Lucas.

They seem to see everything that goes on in the story with out being seen or noticed. They took up residence in an abandoned underground subway to escape the cold weather and society. The Invisible's leader, Bogart, is first seen in the alley behind Doc's Diner and seen as a drunk if he is spoken to by Carla Valenti or Tyler Miles for the first time.

They later play a larger role in the story by helping Lucas and Carla escape from the Orange and Purple Clan by taking them to their Underground Secret Base through a manhole, and later providing the means for them to travel to the old Wishita Military Base where the Chroma source lay and Indigo Child must be placed.


  • Bogart




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