St. Thomas nun

Sir you can't go in there!

– St. Thomas nun ordering Lucas Kane not to go further into the orphanage

The St. Thomas Nun is a character in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, and who works at the St. Thomas Orphanage where the Indigo Child, Jade, resides.

The Nun is seen near the end of the game, sitting at a desk near the entrance where she allows Lucas Kane and the Oracle to enter and shortly killed by the latter.

Character InformationEdit

Not alot of information is known of the St. Thomas's nun other than she works at the orphanage and she was killed by The Oracle.

Appears inEdit


  • The St. Thomas nun can be seen dancing in the bonus feature of Fahrennheit: Indigo Prophecy, if the player buys the sequence 'Da hidden dancefloor' she can be seen dancing alongside Bob.


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