Lucas' Apartment is a location in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. The apartment is large and spacious and has cardboard boxes scattered throughout the corners. It consists of three rooms: the living room/kitchen which takes up most of the space of the apartment, a decently sized bedroom which includes a wardrobe and a king-size bed, and a small bathroom. It also has a small balcony from which you can see a street and a couple of buildings.

Tiffany used to live with Lucas during their relationship, but she moved out after the two split up.

Story Edit

Lucas' apartment is featured in several chapters of the game. It is firstly shown in the chapter The Day After, where Martin McCarthy searches the apartment as part of the murder case.

It is then shown in the chapter Lost Love, where Tiffany visits the apartment to collect a couple boxes she left during her move, and optionally sleep with Lucas.

The apartment appears again in the chapter The Storm. In the chapter, Lucas gets attacked by all furniture of the living room, meanwhile the apartment gets reduced to nothing. Lucas ends up hanging from the balcony, but thankfully Marcus was outside the apartment and hear Lucas' screaming, so he broke into the apartment, before saving his brother from an early death.

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The last time the apartment is shown is in Confrontation, where Carla and Tyler break into the apartment after linking the evidence of the murder to Lucas, before finding the rooms covered with satanic symbols, supposedly done by one of the clans in order to further frame Lucas for the murder.


  • Considering the actual size of the apartment, the cost for it would be really expensive, and realistically Lucas would not be able to afford it.
  • The hallway shows two doors adjacent to each other, although based on the inside of Lucas' apartment, this would be physically impossible. This would mean Lucas' apartment is taking up a part of his neighbor's space.
  • Lucas's apartment was chosen as one of the best apartments in video games by Rock Paper Shotgun.[1]



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