Kate Morrison
Status: Alive
Occupation: Waitress
Affiliation: Doc's Diner
Voice actor: Sharon Mann
I'll never forget that face.

– Kate

Kate Morrison is the waitress at Doc's Diner in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, and is witness of Lucas Kane's murder of John Winston.

Character InformationEdit

Kate first appears at the beginning of the story, doing her job at the diner and unaware of the murder happening in the restroom. She will only know of it once Officer McCarthy annouces it upon discovery or Lucas himself emerges bloody from the restroom.

Kate is later questioned by Carla Valenti, where Kate reveals one of her customers had a strange look and ignored her, which was actually Lucas paying attention to the Oracle, who couldn't be seen by others. She is last seen at the police station where she gives a composite sketch of Lucas with Tyler Miles.

Officer McCarthy was a regular at Doc's Diner and was sympathetic to Kate, asking Carla to go easy on her when questioning her, and will wait and take Kate home when she's done.

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  • Kate Morrison has worked at Doc's Diner for almost nine years.
  • Kate can contradict herself, saying she will never forget Lucas' face if she sees him bloody at the beginning, but later when working on a composite sketch, she will then say she didn't get a good look at his face.
  • Kate Morrison has never played a video game.