I have to question the witnesses and gather any clues I can in the diner. The killer must have left traces we can use to track him down.

– Carla's PDA Log

There's been a murder in a diner. I'll try to keep my eyes open while I help Carla find some clues and question the witnesses...

– Tyler's PDA Log

Investigation is the second chapter of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.



Mental Health actionsEdit



  • +5: Check the pay phone to have Frank check into the call records
  • +5: Go behind the bar and find the coffee, then drink some
  • +5: Find the cab outside the diner
  • +5: Find the blood on the floor in the left stall
  • +10: Find the book underneath Lucas's table
  • +10: Find the knife (if Tyler doesn't)


  • -5: Talk to Bogart (the bum) behind the diner
  • -10: Try to open the back door from the outside
  • -10: If Tyler urinates while Carla's in the bathroom



  • +5: Talk to Frank, the morgue guy on the right
  • +5: Talk to Garret, the morgue guy on the left
  • +5: Drink some coffee behind the bar (pour it first if Carla didn't)
  • +5: Use the pay phone to call your girlfriend
  • +5: Talk to Martin, the off-duty cop
  • +10: Find the knife (if Carla doesn't)


  • -5: Play a song on the juke box to piss off Carla
  • -10: Talk to Bogart (the bum) behind the diner
  • -10: Try to open the back door from the outside



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