The Chroma, also known as the Chroma Artifact or Chroma Source, is a mysterious, natural energy found in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. There are numerous locations in the world where the Chroma can be found, one such place being the abandoned Wishita Military Base, where John and Mary Kane worked and lived with their two children, Markus and Lucas Kane.

The Chroma at Washita is the origin of Lucas' supernatural powers, having been exposed to its radiation while in the womb, and if the A.I wins the final battle, is also the cause of bringing forth the Second Indigo Child. The location is also where the Indigo Child must be situated in order to give away the secret of the universe to bestow unlimited power to an individual before she dies, and if she fails, will result in the temperature to continue falling to begin a second ice age. The Invisibles have also somehow gathered some Chroma to keep up Jade's strength when she is found.

The Chroma is all around us like gravity or magnetism, which created the Universe and everything in existence. Whom ever possesses it will notice changes in himself such as enhanced reflexes, super strength, the ability to fly, and telekinesis. The only people known to possess Chroma are Lucas Kane, the Oracle from the Orange Clan, and The A.I from the Purple Clan.

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