Status: Alive
Occupation: Leader
Affiliation: The Invisibles
Voice actor: Paul Bandey
My name is Bogart. I run this unit of the Invisibles.

– Bogart introducing himself to Lucas

Bogart is a homeless man who resides in New York City, and is the leader of The Invisibles in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. He appears as wearing an open green jacket revealing additional layers of clothing and wears a black hat, he also has white hair and beard and one eye with one grayed iris with a scar over his eye.

Character InformationEdit

The Invisibles have been around for some quite time, aware of the existence of the Orange and Purple Clans and of their purpose of finding the Indigo Child to dominate the world. The Invisibles are also aware of Chroma and are in possession of it, giving some to the Indigo Child if she is taken to the Undergound Base, until they can get her to a Chroma Source.

Bogart first appears at the beginning of the story in an alley behind Doc's Diner, and can be seen by Lucas Kane as he escapes the crime scene, and later spoken to by the detectives Carla Valenti and her partner, Tyler Miles, during their investigation. He will appear drunk and uncooperative, but it's implied to be an act. He will again be seen at The Fun Fair right before Lucas and his ex-girlfriend are killed.

Sometime after Lucas' death, The Invisibles will approach Carla and convince her of Lucas' innocence. After Lucas' resurrection, they will find him and bring him back to the Invisible's base, where Bogart will explain everything to him.