Bob's first appearance alongside David Cage's motion caption avatar

I'd like you to meet my friend Bob.

– David Cage's motion caption avatar greeting Bob to the player

Bob is a character in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, and serves as a tutorial device before starting the game.

Character InformationEdit

Bob is first seen in the tutorial when selecting new movie. Bob will demonstrate the techniques and abilities the game offers. Bob is firstly introduced by David Cage's motion capture avatar in the beginning of the tutorial.


  • Bob can only be moved in the tutorial, he can never be played in the story.
  • Bob has the same face as Lucas Kane.
  • Bob is made out of a motion capture suit.
  • Bob cannot speak.
  • Bob has no eyes.
  • There is a humorous dialogue sequence when David Cage asks you what you think of the appearance of Bob, the two options are 'Sexy' or 'Nice.'